Pain Management

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Accurate Clinic engages a multi-disciplinary approach to pain management, including physical therapy, massage therapy and psychotherapy along with plans to incorporate acupuncture and laser therapy. Our medical director, Eric Ehlenberger MD, is board certified in Emergency Medicine and certified in pain management by the American Academy of Pain Management.

Education plays a primary role at Accurate Clinic. Dr. Ehlenberger has thirty years experience working in the academic environments of Tulane Medical Center, Ochsner and Kaiser Permanente and considers patient and staff education to be a primary component of his practice. Our patients are provided with extensive education regarding not only the medications included in their pain management but all therapeutic options applicable to their medical conditions. They are encouraged to explore therapies outside the use of opiates and other controlled medications. In addition, our patients are encouraged to include their families in the therapeutic process to allow for improved coping mechanisms in their home environment.

Our psychotherapist has 20 years of experience in managing mood disorders and she has special expertise in working with chronic pain patients. Ms. Weiss works closely with our patients in our pain management program, assessing and managing the psychosocial aspects of their care. This includes gaining understanding of how our patient's pain has impacted their activities of daily living, their relationships with co-workers, family and friends and improving our patients' coping skills in dealing with their pain. She also helps in the assessment of our patients' anxiety and depression, helping to determine the need for medical intervention.

The physical therapist assists the physician in the assessment of our patients' limitations of strength, balance and range of motion as related to their conditions of chronic pain. Subsequent to this assessment, our patients are instructed in performing the exercises appropriate for their condition. In addition, our patients are provided with TENS therapy and offered means of obtaining home TENS units to facilitate their pain management. The physical therapist also offers standard physical and soft tissue mobilization therapy to those expected to benefit from such therapies.

At Accurate Clinic we place strong emphasis on coordinating care with the other physicians, dentists and other medical practicioners who provide medical care to our patients. We custom designed a computer program to facilitate the communication by fax of changes in our patients' condition or management with our patients' other caregivers. We also provide our patients with a wallet card that documents their contract management program with us and delineates their diagnoses's and medications. Our patients are able to share this card with their other medical practicioners to reduce the risk of dangerous or inappropriate prescribing of medications to our patients by other medical practicioners.

At Accurate Clinic we recognize the need for skilled, ethical medical practicioners to provide care for the many patients in need of appropriate chronic pain management. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for our patients.