Dear Dr. Ehlenberger,
Thank you for assisting me in my quest for better health!   Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that my weight had crept up slowly.  While I am aware of the probable cause of this shift (several surgeries left me unable to engage in regular exercise for extended periods of time), I nonetheless needed some professional guidance in this area, and you provided knowledgeable and science-based solutions.
The tests you performed revealing metabolic rate and caloric needs were most enlightening.  The item that cause me to change was the visceral fat level.  Since working with you over the past 45 days, I have managed to lose 18 pounds in a safe, healthy and effective manner.
There are a few key suggestions you made that I found to be especially helpful with my goals:
·      I increased my water intake considerably;
·      I increased my consumption of lean protein and fiber while also lowering my overall calories;
·      Limiting fruit and alcohol, while a bit challenging, was of tremendous benefit;
·      I maintained my usual workout routines 6-7 days/week (biking, swimming, running, resistance-training).
I now feel I can safely begin to transition to a “maintenance meal plan”, and continue to reap the benefits towards which your knowledge and guidance directed me.  Thank you again for your patience, insight, and research-driven program!
M. K.
St. Louis, Missouri