Testerone Deficiency

The symptoms of testosterone deficiency (low-T) include fatigue, lack of energy or motivation, reduced sex drive, erectile dysfuntion and depressed mood. Low-T is common in men and women on long term opioids for pain. Obesity and diabetes are other risk factors for Low-T. At Accurate Clinic we evaluation for the risks and causes of Low-T as well as treament of the symptoms.

Laboratory Screening

Blood tests are obtained to measure testosterone levels as well as other hormones that may contribute to understanding the most effective means of treatment. PSA screening is also obtained and monitored with other variables to confirm the safety and effectiveness of testosterone replacement.

Testosterone Replacement

There are many options available for treatment with testosterone including topical creams or gels, injections and implantable pellets. While testosterone replacement is usually required to treat low testosterone, the goal of our male wellness program is to identify all factors contributing to a patient’s low testosterone and address those factors as well.

Adjunctive Management of Low-T

While often under-appreciated, exercise is an important means of treating low-T. The services of our physical therapist and our personal trainer are available to devise a personalized exercise program for those who wish.
Diet is a contributing factors to the management of low-T. Our registered dietitian is available to those who wish to learn more about a dietary approach.
Complementary and Alternative Medicine also offers potential benefits in the management of low-T. The role of nutritional supplement options are discussed and the services of our naturopathic physician, Dr. Lisa Chambers Pate, are available for a naturopathic approach to management.
To summarize, as part of our approach to male wellness we offer:

Testosterone replacement

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Medical Nutrition


Physical Therapy

Personal Training