New Orleans Bulldog Rescue (NOBR)

When possible, supplements and products purchased through commercial web sites in Dr. Ehlenberger’s name will have the commissions paid to New Orleans Bulldog Rescue (NOBR), a non-profit organization.

Unlike other rescue dog services, NOBR does not have a shelter but instead provides foster homes for rescue dogs by placing the dogs with loving foster individuals and families to care for the dog until it can be permanently placed with a new owner.


There is a definite need for fosters! If anyone is interested, please email Stevie at this email address: NOBR works closely with foster homes to set up foster families and adoptable dogs for success. They provide ALL supplies, and a transition program to ensure positive results. NOBR works with a team of veterinarians, behaviorists, and volunteers to help foster volunteers help the dog(s). The expectation for foster homes is that they stick to the transition plan, bring the dog to adoption events (or help facilitate volunteer transportation), and provide updates. It’s a very rewarding experience and can be a lot of fun.
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New Orleans Bulldog Rescue

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New Orleans Bulldog Rescue is a volunteer-run, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization