Personalized Approach

Losing weight is personal. We recognize that each individual has their own needs relative to losing weight so each person requires a unique, personalized treatment plan that will provide them the greatest success for losing weight. The backbone of any and all successful weight loss programs is to burn more calories than you eat, so that your body burns excess fat. But not everyone metabolizes their food exactly in the same way. Through the use of genetic testing it can be possible to direct patients to appropriately individualized diet plans to facilitate the most effective and efficient weight loss.

For anyone to successfully maintain a lifestyle and pattern of eating that allows for continued weight loss, it requires making changes. At Accurate Clinic (AC) we create specific, individualized diet and/or exercise programs to successfully make those changes happen:

We have THE program for you:

  • If you are looking for a program that is simple and affordable, quick and easy
  • If you have limited weight loss needs focused on just that small belly “pooch”
  • If you have complex needs – like eating behaviors that are difficult to control
  • If you want to learn more about nutrition, diet, supplements, genetics and obesity, exercise and mind/body approaches to weight loss

– we have THE program for you!


Individualized Weight Loss Options

Affordable NLAL Lipolysis – Lose inches safely in weeks!

To accelerate your weight loss in targeted areas, especially around the waist, we offer NLAL, an advanced lipolysis technology that is fast, painless and effective in contouring your weight loss to specific body areas including abdomen, thighs and arms. Through the use of a series of only several 20 minute sessions, one can see rapid, focused, measurable loss of targeted fat.

The use of NLAL Lipolysis may also provide the added benefit of reducing the loss of muscle mass that is an inevitable part of weight loss, often amounting to as much as 30% of weight lost.  In addition, the NLAL may also help avoid or break through the frequently experienced weight loss “plateau,” in which one one’s weight loss progress levels out due to the body’s metabolic adaptation to losing weight. For more information on our NLAL Lipolysis, see our “NLAL Lipolysis Program.”

Management of Addictive Eating

At least 30% of obese individuals suffer from some form of addictive-like eating behavior. While the actual diagnosis of food addiction is controversial, the fact is many overweight individuals suffer the consequences of eating behaviors they cannot control. We willl help people with these problems learn how their genetics may contribute to these behaviors and how with the use of safe, natural and effective supplements, they may gain better control of their self-defeating behaviors. We also provide counseling to those who wish to learn behavioral approaches to manage their eating.

Metabolic and Nutritional Testing

As part of our comprehensive approach to weight loss, we provide laboratory testing to assess for metabolic contributors to obesity as well as monitoring for complications associated with obesity. Through simple blood tests we evaluate our patients for anemia, blood sugar and electrolyte imbalances, kidney and liver problems, cholesterol levels, and thyroid testing. We will also check for pertinent vitamin levels in those at risk for deficiencies. For those patients at high risk for “oxidative stress,” various biomarkers for inflammation can also be tested to assess potential progress in response to treatment.

We respect the financial impact extensive laboratory testing can have so we do tailor our approach based on our patient’s individual needs and financial limitations, especially for those without the benefit of health insurance.


Genetic Testing

Genetic research has taught us that people vary in the way that they metabolize different foods such that they may respond better to individualized diets based on differing balances of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Eating Behaviors
A great deal has been learned in the last few years about how a persons DNA may unconsciously drive them to inappropriate eating that leads to obesity. With a simple oral swab of your saliva we can evaluate your DNA and potentially identify genetic findings that can guide us to better understand your cravings or impulsive eating and, more importantly, direct a treatment plan aimed at overcoming your genetic variants.

In addition to genetic insights into diet and eating behaviors, DNA testing can also help understand how an individual may respond differently to types of exercise such as resistance vs endurance training. Through our genetic testing and consultation with our certified personal trainer, we can help direct our patients to more effective exercise programs for both fitness and weight loss.

For more information on Genetics, Nutrition and Exercise:

Genovive – Sample Nutrition & Fitness Report

Dietary and Nutritional Supplements

Many optional, natural, nutritional supplements and nutriceuticals as well as medical foods may be recommended for health maintenance and assistance in weight loss. Recent research has identified a number of supplements that are believed to not only facilitate weight loss but also provide protection against “oxidative stress,” the condition associated with excessive fat that contributes to the increased risk for diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, liver disease and certain cancers.

At AC we suggest multiple complementary and alternative medical (CAM) approaches to health care. Please consult with our physician for further information.

Medication Management for Appetite Suppression

While most people in our weight loss program do not need the use of prescription medications to lose weight, prescription medications may be appropriate for some and can be prescribed. Please consult with our physician for further information.


Commercial insurance coverage may apply towards your weight loss care.
-> please consult our medical billing dept. to confirm your level of reimbursement.


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Established Patient Discount

For patients who are also enrolled in our Chronic Pain, Cardiovascular Wellness, Male Wellness, or Addiction Recovery programs, substantial discounts are available for the Weight Loss Program. Please inquire if you are interested in learning more about these other health care programs available at Accurate Clinic.

The Clan Plan Discount

Our patients will have greater success losing weight if those close to them are also engaged in a weight loss program. For this reason we extend the same discount to family members or roomates of established patients.