Recognizing that quitting smoking is difficult for most people, at Accurate Clinic we offer multiple means of assisting those ready to quit.
Medication Management
Medication management is the cornerstone for many, and prescription medications such as Chantix, Wellbutrin, Zyban and nicotine replacement are available. Studies indicate that the effectiveness of one prescription drug vs. another is about the same, although if an individuals family member responds successfully with one medication, there is increased likelihood the individual will also respond well to that medication.
Medication management alone for smoking cessation has been shown to be less succesful if it is not accompanied by counseling in techniques for quitting. One session with our counselor can provide you with knowledge derived from decades of assisting smokers with quitting. While counseling is not required for those who wish to receive medications to quit smoking, it is strongly encouraged.
As a result of recent breakthroughs in research on recovering from chemical and behavioral addictions, we offer Synaptamine, a supplement with good evidence for benefit in quitting smoking. Synaptamine raises dopamine levels in the brain that are chronically deficient with all addictions. Supplementing with Synaptamine facilitates quitting by helping optimize brain health, enhancing energy, reducing stress as well as helping nutritional maintenance of improved mood and sense of well-being.