Licensed Personal Trainer

Our licensed personal trainer, Richie Santucci RD, CDE, CPT, has many years experience assisting people with exercise training to improve their strength, endurance and mobility. He has special expertise in muscle release techniques that can be quite helpful in reducing chronic muscle and joint pain.


Personal training services

Personal training services are available by appointment for those interested in learning more effective techniques for exercise training. Personal training services are offered as part of our chronic opioid and non-opioid pain programs as well as our weight loss program. Since exercise has been shown to be a very effective adjunctive means of reducing anxiety and depression, we also strongly encourage our patients being managed for anxiety and depression to meet with our personal trainer as well.


Muscle Release

Our personal trainer offers “Muscle Release,” simple but very effective techniques for stretching mucsles to provide relief for back and joint pain. Currently the only teacher of “Muscle Release” in the New Orleans area, he offers a full set of helpful techniques in one session.



Genetic Testing and Exercise Training

Genetic testing can offer insights into understanding one’s genetic variants and how those variants can predict more effective training regimens.