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It is said you can lead horses to water but you can’t make them drink.

To extend the analogy from horses to patients, here on you are led not to water but to a virtual feast, buffet style, of education on many topics.



On the top of every website page there is a row of links in red text that will present a drop down list of subject options. A link in red text takes you to another page on, a blue link will take you to an off-website page or it will trigger a download of a publication.

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There is also a search tool accessed by clicking on a magnifying glass icon at the top right of every page. Typing search terms followed by hitting the “return” or “enter” key will provide a list of the pages on this site pertinent to your search.


Access Educational Pages

To access educational pages, click on “Education” in this top row of links to view a drop-down menu of educational subjects. This drop-down menu lists the main categories of education presented on this website and the links listed here serve as the main hub for accessing the many focus topics within each category.

For the most part, each educational page is formatted with an initial brief summary of the page’s content followed by links (in red text) to additional pages that may be pertinent to the subject of the current page.

For example, the introductory pain for pain management provides a long list of links to pain subjects broken down into various categories.

Key to Links:

  • Grey text – handout
  • Red text – another page on this website
  • Blue text – Journal publication for downloading (or link to outside website)


The staff at Accurate Clinic strongly encourages patient education as the foundation of it’s medical care. Please consider exploring additional topics offered here that should prove interesting and informative. Under the “What’s New” heading, a list  is presented of selected educational pages that have been recently added or edited.

All pain patients are encouraged to read the “Politics of Pain” pages. This section explores some of the facts and misconceptions that have led to the inadequate and shameful treatment of patients suffering from chronic, and even acute, pain. Patients are encouraged to engage with their legislative representatives to have their voices heard regarding the deplorable state of pain management in our political and medical communities. There is a link that allows one to identify their state representatives and contact them to express their concerns,

Additionally, all pain patients are encouraged to explore the “Addiction Recovery” pages to become better informed about addiction, what it really is, what makes one vulnerable to it and how to avoid it.



Eric Ehlenberger MD and the staff at Accurate Clinic strongly encourage patient education as the foundation of it’s medical care. The medical information on this site is provided as a resource for information only, and is not to be used or relied upon for any diagnostic or treatment purposes and is not intended to create any patient-physician relationship. Effort is made to maintain up to date information on this site but the materials here have been uploaded over many years and may not represent the most timely knowledge. Viewers are advised to seek professional guidance regarding the diagnosis and treatment of their medical concerns.