Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression (A&D) are common problems that frequently accompany chronic pain, addiction and obesity. In fact, the management of these conditions is not complete without the assessment and management of any accompanying anxiety and depression.
 At Accurate Clinic we treat A&D independently or in conjunction with the management of other conditions. We believe in the importance of counseling, nutrition and diet as well as exercise in the management of anxiety and depression so these services are also offered as part of our treatment programs.


Sometimes it just helps to talk with someone about your problems. At Accurate Clinic we have a trained counselor, certified in providing assistance with anxiety, depression and family counseling. She can be extremely helpful in helping one find ways of overcoming the stressors of their existence. The human element of therapy is important in managing anxiety and depressions – it is not about just taking a pill. Counseling is available in 30 or 60 minute sessions.

 Medication Management

While prescription medications are often required to adequately control symptoms, our goal is to try to minimize the reliance on these medications and avoid those that are potentially addictive when possible. Some medications effective for A&D are also effective for chronic pain and can be used to treat both conditions simultaneously.

Diet, Nutrition and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

Diet and nutrition are important factors to consider, especially in depression. The foods we eat plays a significant role in our mood and is generally under-appreciated as a variable in depression. Our registered dietitian is available to those who wish to learn more about a dietary approach to depression.
CAM provides many natural medication treatment options that can be equally as effective as prescription medications but with less side effects. The role of nutritional supplement options are discussed and the services of our naturopathic physician, Dr. Lisa Chambers Pate, are available for a naturopathic approach to management.

Cognitive Behavior Training

As there are many ways of treating anxiety and depression, our approach is to individualize our treatment based on the person’s needs. Learning to recognize and reduce the factors that contribute to one’s anxiety can be very helpful. We offer affordable individual, group and online education in cognitive behavior training (CBT), currently recognized as a cornerstone in the management of anxiety and other conditions. CBT provides people with valuable tools and techniques that are very effective in overcoming the negative impact of anxiety and depression on quality of life.

Medical Genetics

Genetic testing reveals how an individual’s liver metabolizes many medications used in the management of A&D. This information allows safer and more effective prescribing with improved ability to predict a medications’s effectiveness, drug interactions and side effects. Genetic testing also identifies an individual’s metabolic variants such as methyl folate reductase (MTHFR), which can be very helpful in assessing for potential predisposition to depression and reward deficiency syndrome (RDS). MTHFR testing allows the physician to understand an individual’s vitamin metabolism as well as potential alternatives for safe and succesful management of these conditions.


While usually under-appreciated, exercise is an important means of treating A&D. The services of our physical therapist and our personal trainer are available for those who wish to engage in a personalized exercise program.

Meditation, Yoga and Tai Chi

Meditation and other mindful exercises including yoga and tai chi are extremely helpful in reducing the symptoms of A&D. We strongly encourage and provide instruction in these disciplines for our patients with anxiety and depression.
To summarize, in our approach to managing anxiety and depression we offer:

Prescription Medication Management

Medical Genetics

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Medical Nutrition


Physical Therapy

Personal Training


Yoga and Tai Chi