Accurate Clinic, a new paradigm in medical care!

Located at 2401 Veterans Memorial in Kenner, Accurate Clinic provides quality, affordable medical care in the form of specialized, multi-disciplinary treatment programs for the management of chronic pain, obesity, addiction and other problems. We have a reputation for excellence and our exemplary medical programs set new standards for patient care. Each of our medical programs provides a comprehensive and individualized approach to managing the patient as a whole, integrating physical therapy and personal training, cognitive training, medical genetics, medical nutrition and evidence-based holistic, alternative treatment approaches to improve our patients’ activities and quality of life.

State-wide Recognition for Pain Management

Accurate Clinic is recognized as having the most comprehensive chronic pain management program in the area, including both opiate and non-opiate medication alternatives. Dr. Ehlenberger has earned the respect of other physicians in the community and around the state, including primary care physicians, orthopedic and neurosurgeons as well as other pain specialists who refer patients to Accurate Clinic for chronic pain management.

Our Weight Loss Program

Our affordable, comprehensive weight loss program is unique to the area. To provide rapid weight loss safely and effectively, our approach includes:

  1. Organized diet plans providing mini-meals that are palatable and affordable, conveniently structuring a daily regimen that is both individualized and easy to follow.
  2. The option of genetic testing to optimize your diet and/or exercise for the most rapid and effective outcomes.
  3. NLAL lipolysis, a state-of-the-art 20 minute painless procedure twice a week that safely and effortlessly targets fat reduction for dropping inches off the waist in just weeks – and it really works!
  4. Assessment and management of craving, binging and other eating behaviors contributing to obesity.
  5. Use of evidence-based nutriceuticals and supplements to provide protection against oxidative stress and reduce the risk and/or complications of diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, heart attacks or strokes.

Patient Safety

Accurate Clinic has broken new grounds in patient safety with the evolution of our coordinated care program, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of our patients’ medical care by routinely providing a network of communication with our patients other managing clinicians, pharmacists and patient-selected family members.

Medical Research

Active in the arena of medical research, Dr. Ehlenberger has co-authored recent publications in the field of medical genetics and chronic pain and he continues research to improve the management of patients with chronic medical problems.

Opioid Addiction

Consistent with our integrative approach to patient care, our management of opioid addiction includes a team approach that includes counseling, medical genetics, cognitive training and medication management with buprenorphine (Suboxone) and other medications, including safe and effective natural supplements.

Accurate Clinic, a new paradigm in medical care!