High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Management

We offer management of high blood pressure (hypertension) and elevated cholesterol/triglycerides as a separate primary care medical program . We provide a multi-disciplinary approach to cardiovascular wellness as we do with our other programs.
While medication is often required to treat hypertension and cholesterol problems, the goal of our cardiovascular wellness program is to minimize reliance on medication in favor of dietary and lifestyle changes when possible. Our program includes the services of a registered dietitian who will provide dietary guidance and our comprehensive weight loss program is offered at a substantial discount to those enrolled in the cardiovascular wellness program.

Oxidative Stress

Recent research has provided new understanding of the role of oxidative stress in triggering and sustaining  hypertension, elevated cholesterol, diabetes and obesity. Our use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine provides the potential means of reducing the risk and impact of these conditions through the use of nutritional supplements. Also, our naturopathic physician, Dr. Lisa Chambers Pate, provides consultation for effective naturopathic means of treatment.
It is important to recognize the role of exercise in cardiovascular wellness and our physical therapist and personal trainer guide our patients with individually tailored, safe, effective and well-tolerated exercise programs.
For those interested in alternative approaches to cardiovascular wellness we offer instruction in meditation, yoga and tai chi. These practices have proven  benefits for hypertension, diabetes, obesity, chronic pain, anxiety, depression and other conditions. Our program provides guidance to help people incorporate these practices safely and easily.

Multi-disciplinary, Holistic Medicine

To summarize, our approach to cardiovascular wellness integrates the following services when desired and appropriate:

Medical Genetics

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Medical Nutrition


Yoga and Tai Chi


Physical Therapy

Personal Training