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In an effort to make certain supplements more easily available and affordable, we have now engaged a relationship with an outside service to allow our patients to purchase supplements at a discount.


Purchasing Supplements

When purchasing supplements reviewed on this web site and discussed with Dr. Ehlenberger, a discount on usual commercial pricing can be obtained by purchasing from Accurate Clinic’s online Supplement Store after acquiring the discount code from Accurate Clinic:


Accurate Clinic’s Supplement Store


or call Toll-Free:


(Option 2)



A common business model exists now in which many of the high quality supplement companies (Thorne, Orthomolecular, Metagenix etc.) that sell health supplements to the public only do so with the advice and recommendation of a physician. To purchase the product online at retail cost, the company requires that the patient provide a code for a physician registered with the company.  When the patient purchases a product online, the physician receives a percentage of the sale as their commission.

This situation creates an ethical problem for me,  in which I profit from the sales of products I recommend. I believe this raises the potential for a conflict of interest.  To resolve this conflict, I have arranged for my commission to be passed to the patient purchasing the supplement. This discount should represent approximately 25% off of usual commercial pricing but the actual discount may vary from product to product. When purchasing from Accurate Clinic’s Supplement Store online or via the toll-free number above, I receive no commission.


We do not sell supplements directly at Accurate Clinic.


Unfortunately, this means that my commissioms will no longer be passed on to our local non-profit rescue dog service (New Orleans Bulldog Rescue). We still support this worthy cause and encourage others to provide their support.

 For more information about New Orleans Bulldog Rescue click here.

For more information, please contact Accurate Clinic.