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Our Mission is to provide excellent quality, affordable care in a supportive and empathetic manner.

We offer integrative, multi-disciplinary medical management integrating personalized, evidence-based conventional and alternative treatment to meet each patient’s needs.



“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”




Urgent & Primary Care

Walk-in medical services for acute illnesses such as flu, bronchitis, and urinary infections as well as minor injuries. Our staff physician is board certified in Emergency Medicine.

Physical Therapy

Our licensed physical therapist offers services for the management of acute and chronic injuries as well as functional capacity evaluations for disability. Physical therapy services are provided free as part of our chronic pain management programs.

Personal Training

Our certified personal trainer offers guidance in exercise and muscle training.
These services are provided free as part of our chronic pain management programs.


Dr. Lisa Marie Chambers (Pate) is a well-known, expert naturopath who provides consultation in natural and nutriceutical approaches to medical care.

Medical Nutrition

Our registered dietitian provides dietary and nutritional guidance for the management of medical conditions. These services are provided free as part of our weight loss and our chronic pain management programs.

Medical Genetics

As part of our medical managiement of all of our patients, we offer state of the art personal medical genetic testing to provide guidance in improving the safety and effectiveness of our care of patients.

Botox, Fillers & Hair

We offer Botox, dermal fillers, and removal of unwanted hair, spider veins and age spots. In addition we recommend nutriceuticals directed at improving health aspects associated with aging.

Counseling Services

Our licensed psychotherapist assists our patients in managing anxiety and depression. Our licensed addiction counselor assists those with addictive eating behaviors as well as those with tobacco and opiate use disorders.

Lab Testing

We offer laboratory testing including most blood tests, urine, saliva and hair testing for drug screening and oral saliva swabbing for genetic testing with timely turn-around schedules for obtaining results.

Clinic Specials

Enter Weight Loss program in September, 2018:

 $50 off first visit

 $25 off monthly visits for next 3 months


NLAL lipolysis for targeting areas of weight loss:

 $50 off 4-treatment package when purchased in September, 2018.

 $75 off 8-treatment package when purchased in September, 2018.







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  1. Pain Management (including medical marijuana for pain)
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  3. Weight Loss
  4. NLAL Lipolysis
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