Aesthetics Procedures

Aesthetic Medicine is a medical specialty focused on providing an artistic and aesthetic amplification of human beauty. With minimally invasive procedures the practice of aesthetic medicine seeks to provide patients with treatments designed to improve their appearance as well as provide anti-aging therapies.

Botox, Fillers, Skin and Facial Treatments
Aesthetic treatment options provided at Accurate Clinic include botox, dermal fillers, hair removal, age spot removal, spider vein removal and skin rejuvenation. The procedures are brief and require no recovery or down-time so that our clients can resume their day with minimal interruption.

We are currently offering a special price on Botox injections: $10/unit.

Accurate Clinic offers the latest technologic advance in body sculpting with NLAL. Our NLAL belt incorporates near-laser infrared wavelength light that painlessly triggers a physiologic release of fat from targeted fat cells in the body. From 300 up to 1200 calories of fat are released into the tissues in the 24 hours post-treatment allowing for someone on a calorie restricted diet to quickly and safely target the loss of inches in just a few twenty minute sessions with the NLAL. It is a painless, well-tolerated procedure that really works. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed both the safety and effectiveness of NLAL treatment and reference publications are available to those interested in reading them. For more information on our NLAL Lipolysis, see our “NLAL Lipolysis Program.”

Anti-Aging Medicine
Anti-Aging Medicine is a new field of medicine that focuses on slowing and/or reversing the aging process to improve quality of life. It includes lifestyle modification, the use of nutritional supplements and dermatologic treatments. Recent research indicates the potential benefit of certain supplements that may slow and/or reverse certain cell attributes related to the aging process. Treatment with these supplements may provide protection against oxidative stress, the condition thought to be the basis of many of the degenerative disorders associated with aging such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, obesity and cancer.