Licensed Physical Therapist

Our licensed physical therapist, Sue Drecktrah PT, has extensive experience in helping people with both acute injuries and chronic pain recover and improve function.

Management of Post-traumatic Pain (acute and chronic)

Physical therapy is availabe by appointment for people suffering acute pain related to recent trauma such as falls and motor vehicle accidents. For patients enrolled in our chronic opioid and non-opioid pain management programs, physical therapy is provided as part of our treatment plan at no extra charge. Our physical therapist will assess painful conditions to educate people in ways to reduce or resolve their pain and improve function and sleep. Our therapist will develop individualized home exercise programs that are tailored to each persons specific needs as a means of maintaining function and fitness including improved strength, endurance, mobility and balance.

Muscle Pain and Trigger Point Therapy

In addition to exercise-oriented management, our physical therapist provides soothing, relaxing soft tissue mobilization to reduce acute and chronic pain, muscle tightness and spasm. As a means of reducing chronic muscle pain, patients can be evaluated for the presence of myofascial pain and trigger points that are frequent causes of severe muscle pain. When trigger points are identified they can be treated by our physical therapist to provide effective and lasting pain relief. Trigger points are common sources of chronic neck and shoulder pain, headaches, mid- and low back pain and pain in the buttocks area. Trigger point pain can often be associated with referred pain patterns that are so severe that they are frequently mis-diagnosed as disc pain and sciatica leading to inappropriate and ineffective surgery and interventional pain injections.

Disability Assessments

For those patients seeking disability, our physical therapist offers an extensive Functional Capacity Evaluation, a court-recognized, standardized assessment to accurately determine an individuals level of disability.