Accurate Supplements Purchasing Policy


In an effort to make certain supplements more easily available and affordable, a limited number of products are available for sale at Accurate Clinic. Only those supplements that Dr. Ehlenberger highly recommends that a patient consider taking, and only those supplements that we believe we can offer at a savings to the patient are included.


A common business model exists now in which many of the higher end companies (Thorne, Orthomolecular, Metagenix etc.) that sell health supplements to the public only do so with the advice and recommendation of a physician. To purchase the product online at retail cost, the company requires that the patient provide their physicians code. When the patient purchases a product online, the physician receives a commission. Or the physician can purchase the product at a wholesale discount, usually about 60% of retail, and sell the product directly.  The physician generally sells the product with some markup for overhead costs and profit.


With this business model the physician profits from their patient purchasing products they recommend, creating a potential conflict of interest.  To resolve this conflict, Accurate Clinic has a policy in which a product sold  in the clinic will be sold at a discount (usually about 15% off retail) to save the patient money.

 If the patient purchases a product online at a commercial web site for full retail price , Dr. Ehlenberger’s commision will be deferred to a local non-profit rescue dog service (New Orleans Bulldog Rescue). If this is not feasible, the product will be sold at the same retail price, clinic and web site, but the profit commission check is declined and Dr. Ehlenberger will receive no money from the onsite sale.

By establishing this policy we provide the patient with the opportunity to purchase recommended products without Dr. Ehlenberger receiving any profit or commission. We believe this is the best resolution to the ethical dilemma.


 For more information about New Orleans Bulldog Rescue click here.


Accurate Supplement Prices

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